Emergency Electrical Repairs & Maintenance - South West London

When responding to Emergency Electrical Repairs & Maintenance enquiries acrosws South West London, firstly we need to establish how urgent your electrical issues are based on the potential risk of harm factor.

If the fault poses a likely and serious risk to your safety, the general public, pets or animals and/or your property, we’ll make a priority visit (same day) to remove that immediate and serious risk aspect, for example, a sparking within a fuse box or switch or socket could result in a fire.

Electrocution risk factors include; exposed live (metal) parts of switches, sockets and light fittings, live exposed conductors (bare cables), damaged cables and exposed metal inside elements. Call us immediately…

However, if you simply wish to repair a faulty plug socket, your need for emergency assistance may not be as high, but if ever in doubt, Call us anyway.

See below some common issues we can provide assistance with…

Emergency Electrical Repairs & Maintenance - South West London

Power Cuts & RCD Tripping Issues

A power cut and circuit-breaking can be annoying as it rarely occurs during a suitable time, but this is happening because there is a fault present within the electrical circuits or appliances somewhere in your home and professional investigation is needed. We will be able to diagnose and rectify the problems or provide a temporary repair solution, or, if necessary, escalate it to your electricity provider if the issues are found to be an energy supplier issue. Call us immediately


Flickering & Strobing Lights

If your lights are strobing, flickering, buzzing, or not turning on or off, it could indicate damage, deterioration or commonly that the wattage rating of a lamp is causing problems. But there may be a loose connection within the circuitry between the supply, the light and the switch. These issues are usually rectified and left working within an hour or two of arriving. Call us immediately


Electrical Device or appliance is Sparking / Arcing

If you detect a flash of light when plugging in to or switching on a socket or light, or If you detect a strange smell from a switch or wall socket or anywhere in the home, it could mean that the connection to an electrical device’s circuit has been damaged, a switch is burning out or incorrect equipment is in use. If this is happening in your home there is a serious and high risk of fire arising. Call us immediately

Arcing and sparking can easily ignite small dust, wood chips/shavings and other combustible materials behind your walls and ceilings.


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