Electrician Services

For all Domestic Electrical repairs, maintenance, commissioning and New Installations we got you covered. Each section below will give you more information. Can’t find any information on what you are looking for? Get in touch, we are happy to help.


Residential Services


Our Emergency Call-Out Service. If an electrical fault poses a serious risk potential to the safety of you, the general public, pets or animals and/or your property, we react immediately and can make a priority visit that very same day. We will look to remove or reduce that imminent and serious risk potential, until a proper repair or replacement can be done. Call us now


Improvements and upgrading your home can boost your property’s in both value and appeal, while improving the attractiveness of living space and comfortable atmospheric living environments. Read more…


Domestic Lighting Service. Found that decorative dining room light you’ve always wanted? Or simply fed-up with living in dark rooms?  Upgrade the lights around your property, save on energy costs or install new lighting in your garden or outside spaces? Read more…


Smart Home Technologies & Home Automation. Smart home technology includes monitoring and controlling your heating, lights, audio systems, news and other information from a smartphone or tablet whilst on-the-go. Read more…


This section covers all things new. Rewiring, Partial Rewiring, Additional Circuits, Sockets, Lighting, Smoke and Fire detection systems, Garden sockets and Garden Lighting, Fuse box Upgrades and what to expect from us during the process is all covered in this section. Read more…


Electric Charging Point on your property can add a modern touch to your property also adding value and appeal to your home. Other sustainability technologies such as Solar panels, Eco-heating solutions and more also available. Read more…


Electric heating systems are an alternative method of heating areas or the entire property. Read more…


Periodic checks on your property’s electrical circuits and accessories is very sensible. Electrical Inspections & Testing, is a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical accessories and circuitry. Much like a car’s annual safety checks (MOT) but for your property. ​Read more…


Relevant electrical certificates will provide you with all the information recommended for future maintenance and inspection intervals required and recommended improvements to make in the future if any are required. Read more…


Commercial Services



We LOVE improving HOMES so we are currently only focusing on this area of the industry


Ashley fitted our new dining room chandelier, we are very happy with his service. I will definitely be using Ashley again very soon.

Thanks again. Mo

Mohammad, SW3

I was recommended Ashley by my husbands friend and we were pleased with how helpful and professional Ashley was throughout our rewire. He helped us work out the positions of all our new sockets and switch positions. He even repaired all the wall catches and kept everything clean and tidy!!

Very happy, would definitely recommend his services

Sarah, SW11

I have used Ashley a few times now on a variety of our projects. As a project manager I need tradesmen who are always contactable and reliable. Ashley ticks all boxes and more. Friendly and helpful guy all round. 

Gerry, SW6


Frequent Questions


Can I live in my house if it needs rewiring?

Yes. This is a common question asked. We can accommodate people’s living requirements while undertaking rewires and partial rewires via temporary lighting and power supplies. We will always cover furniture and floors and clean up after ourselves to minimise the impact of working in your home whilst completing major works.

Read more about rewiring…




Should I upgrade all of my lights in order to save money on electric bills?

Not necessarily. Depending on the type of fittings you have in your home depends on whether improvements can be made without replacing light fittings. In many cases, simply changing bulbs to LED will make a huge difference to energy consumption. Some fittings are sealed factory units and will probably need replacing.  


What is an RCD?

An RCD is a Residual Current Device. RCD’s monitor current drawn through the Live and returned through the Neutral and if there is a difference the RCD will cut-out, if there is leakage in either Live or Neutral. It does this as additional protection against electric shock. 


But it still works ok?

I hear this comment a lot from clients. Lights and sockets will still work under fault conditions. If live and neutral is reversed in the back a socket outlet many plug-in appliances will still work. However, it will putting huge strain on the components inside the appliance and will damage it and warranties will be void. 

Another example is a continuous protective earthing, everything we use in a home will work without a continuous earth back to the consumer unit. However, if the outer-casing of metal light fittings or switches / socket fronts become live under fault conditions the next time you physically touch the metal you become the earth path and will get a nasty shock! If you’re ever unsure on the information given by an electrician always get a second opinion.

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