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Full & Partial Electrical Rewiring & Installations

Our comprehensive Electrical Rewiring & Installation service offered South West London is ideal for your domestic rewiring requirements.

Properties that haven’t been rewired in the last 30 years or more, it could make upgrading your property problematic. The cost of rewire may sound alarming but it’s actually a very cost effective way of future proofing, saving you money along the way and hugely reducing the risk to your property and persons within the home. 

Many properties in South West London that were built prior to 2000 only include one or two sockets in each room and vast expansion of demand on sockets and power has lead to use of multi-socket extensions and trailing leads everywhere. Unfortunately these types of extensions are most prone to fire and burning. In experience the cost of effectively adding to older installations, which are already deteriorating due to age and the methods they were installed, can amount up-to 75% of the cost of a rewire anyway. Meaning rewiring would be much more cost effective as a solution when taking into account the future-proofing, safety, demands and electrical functionality of your home. 

The greater demand on electrical appliances, socket outlets and lighting on older installations has rendered them inadequate in terms of demand and safety regulations. Existing wiring could potentially be dangerous if additions are made without replacing circuit cables and consumer units (fuse boxes).

A full or partial electrical rewiring & installation may also be required if you’re planning major renovation work that would be defined as a ‘material alteration’ by the Building Regulations. This will usually include an upgrade of the fuse board to provide RCD protection of circuits. In the instance of property extensions or attic and garage conversions, any new wiring will need to comply with 18th Edition wiring regulations (Electrical Safety) of the Building Regulations, and existing cabling in those rooms may also need to be improved to ensure it can safely cope with additional loads, the property is earthed according to current requirements, and has satisfactory cross bonding of water and gas supplies. If you’re renovating or extending, the wiring in the rest of your property won’t need upgrading unless required by the Building Regulations’ energy efficient requirements, e.g. central heating controls.

Electrical Rewiring & Installations - South West London

What Does a Rewire Involve?

Read our summary of the electrical rewiring & installation process for a home:

  • Initial visit to your property – After enquiring or being recommended rewiring your property. We will arrange and conduct an initial visit to your property, this initial visit and information given is free. You are under No Obligation at this stage to go forward with us to complete any work. So during this initial visit we will discuss and record initial verification of your household needs in terms of electrical demand, budget, timescales and desired outcome. We will then make a quick assessment of the structure and build type of your property, as this will determine how can wire the home and types of cabling systems needed during the install. We will also conduct a quick inspection of the property’s supply setup and earthing arrangement to ensure it we bring the property up to current standards and also accessibility aspects within of your property. We usually aim to conduct this visit in around an hour or two depending on property size. 
  • Electrical design – Then we will give you some thought time and contact you in the near future to discuss our visit. The reason we do this is commonly our clients have thought of additional requirements and/or reductions in needs. Then you will be offered a design service for the electrical design of your property’s layout and orientation. This service would carry a chargeable visit due to how involved this stage of designing is. We discuss your room-by-room layouts and requirements. We will start to design your lighting, switches and socket positions and record these on a plan for future approval before a quotation is sent to you of what we have discussed during this visit. 
  • Detailed electrical rewiring & installation ​quotation – From these draft plans, a more accurate and detailed plans will be drawn up showing accessory and appliance positions and cabling routes throughout the property. This will be produced to you as well as our detailed quotation for you to view and consider. 
  • Booking deposit – If you decide that we are the Electricians for you to carry out this service, We will book you in for a convenient time to start. At this stage we ask for at least 25% booking deposit to cover the material costs which we will order for delivery direct to your property prior to our start date. 


  • Start of work – Once we start we will always aim to work with you in terms of parts of the home being usable areas and ‘clean zones’. As rewiring can be dusty work we will always treat a property with maximum care and duress. We will always try to keep areas as clean and tidy as possible whilst working in your home. Damage will be kept to an absolute minimum and repair services can be carried out throughout the process.
  • Job complete – Upon completion of a property rewire, we will issue you our final invoice along with all relevant certification documents and warranty information for the equipment that has been installed. Our work also carries a ‘quibble-free 12 month warranty’ on our new installation work at your property.

Note: Our electricians treat every customer’s property like their own, using shoe or carpet protection, rolling up carpets and using dust mats where necessary, always cleaning up as we go.

How Much Does it Cost to Rewire a House?

The cost of rewiring a property depending on multiple aspects, some of which include; is it a partial or full rewire, the desired outcome to be achieved, the property size, number of bedrooms/circuits, whether a property is vacant or not, the timescale of the delivery of a completed job, house age and type, accessibility of work areas, the level of cleanliness left daily, ceiling heights, fabric of the building, floor and ceiling construction, lighting choices, switches and socket brand and many more. Ultimately it all comes down to time and cost of parts. 

As mentioned above a full rewire of a property is a very involved process from start to finish and firstly we will determine to feasibility for each party. We have known partial rewires to cost out more than the cost of a full rewire of another property. Similarly, rewiring an extension wouldn’t usually demand as high a price as a full property rewire but again it all comes go down what is involved in order to complete the job professionally. Labour time + Parts. 

We offer a fixed prices (quotation) for all our work, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for within that detailed and broken down quote. 

Working with a professional team of accredited electricians and professional plasterers mean you won’t be hit with any nasty surprises and left disappointed once the work has started, on-going or completed, and if any additional work is required, we’ll always provide an additional quote first before we carry out extras. Contact us to find out more about rewiring work in your property in South West London.

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